Soft care-parketborstel ZR900401

Soft care-parketborstel ZR900401
Met adapter 32 -35 mm.
Ontziet parketvloeren.

Past op alle sledestofzuigers met een diameter van 32 tot 35 mm:
- Ambia RO010, RO201, RO220, RO225, RO230, RO240, RO301, RO303, RO304, RO305, RS170
- Artec RO142, RO143, RO144, RO320, RO324, RO325, RO330, RO340, RO343, RO353, RO401, RO403, RO404, RO405
- Artec 2 RO411, RO412, RO413, RO414, RO415, RO421, RO422, RO423, RO424, RO425, TW416
- Bagoo
- Balloon RS720
- Boogy TW101
- Booly RO151, RO152
- City Space RO242, RO243, RO244, RO245, RO246, RO261, RO264, RO266, TW242, TW261, TW264
- City Space Cyclonic RO252, RO254, RO256, RO271, RO272, RO275, TW252, TW254, TW271, TW275
- Cleancontrol RO751, RO753, RO754, RO755
- Compact Power RO382, RO384, RO385, RO386, RO387, RO388, RO392, RO394, RO395, RO396, RO398, RO399, TW390, TW392, TW393, TW395, TW396, TW398, TW399
- Compact Power Cyclonic RO371, RO372, RO373, RO374, RO375, RO376, RO378, RO379, RO482, RO485, RO487, RO488, RP372, TW371, TW372, TW373, TW375, TW377, TW378, TW379, TW488
- Compact Power Cyclonic XXL RO481, RO482, RO485, TW485, TW487
- Compacteo RO171, RO172, RO173, RO175, RO176
- Compacteo Cyclonic RO342, RO3449, RO346, RO348
- Compacteo Cyclonique RO3443, RO346
- Compacteo Ergo RO522, RO5227, RO523, RO524, RO5244, RO525, RO5255, RO526, RO5260, RO527, RO5271, RO528, RO529, RO5295, TW524, TW529
- Compacteo Ergo Cyclonic RO532, RO5320, RO533, RO534, RO5342, RO5349, RO535, RO5353, RO537, RO538, RO539, RO5396, TW535, TW537, TW539
- Compacteo Upgrade RO176, RO177, RO178, RO179
- Cosmo RO362, RO363, RO364
- Dymbo
- Dymbo Confort
- Dymbo Integral RS050, RS051, RS060
- Dymbo Plus
- Ergo Force Cyclonic RO670, RO671, RO672, RO674, RO675, RO678, RO679, TW672
- Extrem
- Extrem Optima
- Filter Plus
- Firstline
- Gimini RO131, RO132, RO133
- Hygiene + RO602, RO603
- Infinium RS910, RS920, RS922
- Intens RO651, RO652, RO653, RO654
- Intensium RO662, RO664, RO665
- Intensium Upgrade RO6620, RO666, RO667, RO6670, RO668
- Intenso RS820
- Kingo
- Manea RO2011, RO2026, TW314
- Mini Space RO180, RO182, RO184, RO185, TW185
- Mini Space Cyclonic RO332, RO334, TW332
- Neo RO425, RO430, RO450, RO455, RO460, RO46N
- Power Space RO212, RO213, RO214, RO2141, RO232, RO233, RO234, RO236
- Power XXL RO312, RO314, RO315, RO317, RO318, TW313, TW315, TW317, TW318
- Premio
- Presty
- R2 RO700, RO701, RO702, RO704, RO705, RO706, RO707, RO708, RO713, RO716
- Shock Absorber RO503, RO506
- Shock Absorber 2 RO513
- Silence Force RO452, RO4523, RO453, RO454, RO4721, RO4740, TW4523, TW4541
- Silence Force Allergy+ RO684, RO685, RO688, RO689, RO774
- Silence Force Compact RO442, RO444, RO4627, RO4630, RO4640
- Silence Force Compact Upgrade RO462, RO4627, RO4630, RO464, RO466
- Silence Force Cyclonic RO721, RO723, RO802, RO804, RO806
- Silence Force Cyclonic Upgrade RO801
- Silence Force Upgrade RO472, RO4721, RO473, RO476
- Soam RO1210, RO1211, RO1220, RO1224, RO1231, RO1233, RO1243, RO1246, RO1249, RO1251
- Spaceo RO162, RO163, RO165, RO166, RO167, TW1639, TW1655
- Spacio
- Spongo RO104, RO107, RO108, RO109, TW107
- Swift Power Cyclonic RO291, RO293, RO295, RO298, TW291, TW292, TW294, TW297
- Swing
- Synergy
- Synthese
- Synthese Goldline
- Tonixo RS770
- X-Trem Power RO431, RO432, RO434, RO435, RO543, RO682, RO683, RO684, RO685, RO686, RO687, TW432, TW434, TW685
- X-Trem Power 2 RO542, RO5421, RO544, RO5440, RO546, RO5463, RO547, RO5470, RO548, TW546, TW548
- X-Trem Power Allergy+ RO685
- X-Trem Power Cyclonic RO622, RO6227, RO623, RO6230, RO624, RO6242, RO6252, RO626, RO627, RO628, RO6289, RO692, RO693, RO694, RO695
- X-Trem Power XL RO554, RO555, RO556

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